Turkish Language and Literature


The Department endorses an educational strategy that avoids rote learning, favoring instead innovative ideas and new pedagogical developments to be incorporated into teaching methods. At the same time, the course of study in Turkish language and literature, in both the graduate and undergraduate programs, fully conforms with the guidelines of the Turkish Board of Higher Education (Y÷K).

As regards language component of the program, Turkish and all related dialects and varieties are examined from both synchronic and diachronic perspectives.

As regards literature component, the program covers all periods of Turkish literature. In addition, folk literature, world literature, and literatures of newly established Turkish states as well as that of the Turkish Cypriots from part of the curriculum.

In order to pave the way and form a sound foundation to the understanding of Turkish with its language and literature, courses such as Written and Oral Communication, different types of texts, and Ottoman Turkish are offered during the freshman year.

English, computer courses and other electives are also offered to enable the students to keep abreast with the demands of the new century.

Students can apply to the graduate program at the beginning of every semester.



The Department of Turkish Language and Literature aims to provide a comprehensive education in Turkish Language, literature culture and folklore. The graduate program has been designed in accordance with the most recent international trends in literary studies. Students who are admitted to the graduate program undertake comprehensive instruction in a variety of fields which include Turkish linguistic, literature and the developing history of the language itself. Students will also be introduced to proper research methods in order to prepare them for independent research. Students who undertake the departmentís graduate program will be suited to employment in the teaching world, in either the private or public sectors which involve cultural activity, in the publishing field or (due to their knowledge of Ottoman history language and script) in archive, library and research institutions.


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