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Turkey Tour - February 2-21, 2004

Kristina, Ben, Ozgur and Sezen at a reception sponsored by the American Embassy in Ankara.

Cellist Ozgur Elgun and I recently completed a short concert tour in Turkey in which we gave six piano and cello concerts in five Turkish cities.  For most of the way we travelled with our wives, Kristina and Sezen.  Here are some of the pictures from our trip, we hope you like them!

We began the tour by spending a week at Ozgur's home in Bursa, where we rehearsed and got ready for the trip.  Bursa is in the mountains just south of the Sea of Marmara and was the original capital of the Ottoman Empire.

Kristina infront of Bursa's townhall.  It's designed in the traditional Ottoman style.

Ben in front of Bursa's skyline, with the minarets of the Ulucamii or "Great Mosque" in the background.

The Koza Han.  Bursa is famous for its silk, and it was here that traders came to bring silk back to Europe. 
Inside the Koza Han, where there are still dozens and dozens of silk shops.  The scarves Kristina and Sezen wear in later pictures all came from here!
The Tomb of Osman I, the first Sultan and the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

An Ottoman Tombstone from an old Bursa graveyard.

Sultan Osman's coffin.  The turban at the right indicates his learnedness and devotion to Islam.

Sultan Mehmet Celebi's Tomb in Bursa.  As the Ottoman Empire progressed, the tombs got bigger and bigger! 

Sezen, Ozgur and his sister, Duygu in front of the Yesil Mosque or "Green Mosque."  It's not green. 

Kristina standing in front of the Yesil Mosque.  The stalactite decoration above the entrance represents the steps towards heaven.

Ben and Kristina in front of the Yesil Tomb, which actually IS green, as you can see.

Sezen's father, Ruhi.  He collects traditional Turkish instruments and is showing his ud playing abilities.

Ruhi is giving Kristina tips on improving her ud technique.

I try out the accordion, another instrument in Turkish folk music.  It turns out I'm not really very good at it.

Sezen tries the Turkish banjo.

Ozgur plays the drum.
The Ulucamii or "Great Mosque."  The Sultan promised Allah that if he won a certain battle, he would build 20 mosques throughout the empire.  He did win, but then decided to build one mosque with 20 domes.  I don't know how that deal ended.

After a week of rehearsing and sight-seeing, we gave a concert in Bursa's Tayyare Cultural Center and then left Bursa.  See those pictures here.