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The talented EMU music students are posing with faculty members in front

of Music building .


Members of the Music Department chorus with its director,        

                            Dr. Marc Heeg

Staff and their Qualifications

The staff consists of qualified music artists, composers, and musicians of other specialties from the conservatories and major music schools of Turkey, Europe, the United States and other countries. The multiculturalism and variety of skills our instructors possess are the essential qualities in our Department. New instructors are added to the staff each year as new instruments are offered. The Music Department has an academic chamber orchestra, consisting of staff members and qualified students, and regular concerts are given by instrumental instructors.

Undergraduate Program

The department admits around 15 students each year. Majors offered are piano, flute, violin, viola, cello, voice, composition and classical guitar. Each year, as the student and instructor body grow, new instrumental majors are added. The department has a chorus and students perform regularly as various instrumental ensembles, under the supervision of their instructors.

The new undergraduate music curriculum, modified according to ECTS standards began as of the fall term 2005-2006 and runs alongside the old curriculum.  Students in the new curriculum have to take a total of 130 credits for graduation and number of courses varies according to their major. The curriculum includes courses in English to enhance the students' abilities in reading, writing and research, necessary skills for reading literature and writing papers on music. Foreign students have 1 term of Turkish and Turkish students also have one term of Turkish as well as History of Turkish Reforms in their last semester as required courses. Students majoring in an instrument other than piano have 2 years of keyboard skills, except for guitar majors who have only one year. All students receive choral training and are required to take part in chamber music and orchestral performance. The senior year includes a senior-project, by which each student will have a choice of presenting a recital, composition or thesis for graduation, under the supervision of a staff member. The new curriculum also includes courses in computer, art history, foreign language, and electives in social/behavioral sciences, and arts and humanities, in correlation with the General Education requirements.

For students in the English Preparatory School, the Department offers lessons in their major instrument once a week with tutors of the staff, and students are urged to attend chorus.


The temporary Music Building is built according to acoustical standards, consisting of 20 small studios for teaching and practicing, eight of these containing a new upright Petrof or Yamaha piano; three large classrooms, containing an upright piano, stereo-system with CD-player, DVD-player, television and video player, one large room with grand Yamaha piano for chamber music, one studio with grand Yamaha piano for piano teaching, a vocal studies studio with piano, a flute and guitar studio, an electronic keyboard studio with six Yamaha Clavinovas and one master Clavinova for class piano teaching, as well as instructor offices.

A large CD/DVD collection and listening room, music books and other sources are available at the EMU Library Music Room. The EMU Student Activity Center Hall with new full grand Petrof Piano, The Chorus Room of the Music Department with grand Yamaha piano and various other venues are available for concerts, conferences, and master classes.

New musical instruments which belong to the Department but can be used by the students with agreement are available. Manuel Rodriguez Classical guitars, Yamaha flutes and piccolos, Otto Josef violins, violas and cellos as well as various makes of clarinets, trumpets, oboes and French horns are available. Twenty-five electronic metronomes are available for students and instructors, as well as music stands and other apparatus.

Quality of Graduates

The Music Department is offering a challenging and fulfilling program in both traditional and contemporary music, with a rich, varied, stimulating and provocative source of experience across the spectrum from fundamental to more advanced musical disciplines. This helps the students acquire knowledge and skills they will need to pursue post-graduate studies at any European or North American University and advance their professional careers.  Many graduates have completed Master of Music degrees in various institutions in Europe and the United States, while many others have pursued degrees in pedagogy to become teachers of Music.

Job Opportunities

The Majors offered are piano, flute, violin, viola, cello, voice, composition and classical guitar. Graduates are future members of orchestras, composers, theoreticians, teachers in primary or secondary education, and after earning MA or PhD degrees they may join either the EMU's Department of Music or any other department in Europe or North America. Other job opportunities are available in radio and television, as well as private teaching.



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