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Department of Music Faculty

Staff and their Qualifications

The staff consists of qualified music artists, composers, and musicians of other specialties from the conservatories and major music schools of Turkey, Europe, the United States and other countries. The multiculturalism and variety of skills our instructors possess are the essential qualities in our Department. New instructors are added to the staff each year as new instruments are offered. The Music Department has an academic chamber orchestra, consisting of staff members and qualified students, and regular concerts are given by instrumental instructors.


Ayhan Bilsel, Chair


Aslı Giray, Vice Chair - Music Theory/ Piano Pedagogy/ Keyboard Skills/ Accompanying

Mehmet Atun - Composition/ Music Theory

Nicolas Deletaille - Cello/ Music Theory


Marc Heeg - Piano/ Chamber music/ Accompanying, Concert Coordinator

Attila Manizade - Bass, Republic of Turkey State Opera Artist; Consultant Professor for Voice 

Hyunjin Min - Classical Guitar/ Music Theory/ Rock Music History


Eran Raman - Flute (part-time)

Thomas D. Svatos - Music History/ Musicology






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