Dr. Mustafa Riza

Dr. Mustafa Riza
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics

About me

Dr. Mustafa Riza started his academic career at the primary school Grundschule an der Türkenstrasse, in Germany. After having finished highschool (Gisela Gymnasium München) in Munich, he started to study Physics at the Technical University of Munich. There he joined Prof. Dr. Manfred Kleber's Group for his Masters and PhD thesis on the theoretical aspects of Scanning Tunneling Microscopy enlighting this topic from the Atomic Physics point of view. He used his expertise in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science to complete his PhD thesis. After finishing his PhD, he joined the company BetaResearch as the product manager for the conditional access system betacrypt2 for pay TV applications. After the successful project acceptance he decided to continue his professional career in academia in Cyprus. There he joint first Cyprus International University as Head of the Computer Information Systems Department and changed in order to work more intensively on the foundation of the North Cyprus Technopark to the Eastern Mediterranean University where he joined the Department of Mathematics as Computer Scientist. His research interests are information security, quantum mechanical tunneling, quantum computing,multiplicative calculus, and e- and m-commerce as well as the payment methods.

Dr. Riza has published several papers on quantum mechanical tunneling, multiplicative calculu, and e-commerce and attended various international conferences.

Dr. Mustafa Riza
Septmber, 20012

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