M.A. in Eastern Mediterranean Studies

Eastern Mediterranean University


The Eastern Mediterranean has, for millennia, been the nexus of great civilizations, home to three of the world’s most significant religions and the meeting point of three of its continents. It has nurtured high points in literature, philosophy, architecture, art, mathematics and medicine, and simultaneously hosted some of the most epoch making formative conflicts.

The Eastern Mediterranean Studies MA program belongs jointly to the departments of Archaeology and Art History, English Literature and Humanities, and History. The program promotes the exploration of this wealth of civilization, and an understanding of the restless and ever-changing political and cultural landscape of the region. Cyprus lies at the heart of this geographical region, and its turbulent history and rich culture is inextricably linked with it.

Teaching and research interests of the department’s faculty members cover a wide range of areas and periods, and represent diverse approaches to the study of the past and present.